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Oct 17, 2019 – Nov 16, 2019
Book a class and learn how to easily care for your bonsai with a fully qualified horticulturist that has over 25 yrs in nearly every aspect of horticulture! Just to list a few:
Natural areas
Nursery (retail & wholesale)
Tissue culture
Aquaculture ect ect...
You will also learn secrets that are closely guarded by Bonsai masters like Takumi himself!!!! Yes he is a real person and walks among us!
Takumi Bonsai has researched through talking to Bonsai admirers (not enthusiasts) in the local community that we get comments similar to:
“I had a bonsai but it died!”
“I love bonsai but they always die!”
I wish I could grow bonsai but it would probably die!”
Takumi just wants to let the community know that there is more to life than growing “Succulents!-(Cactus without spikes) Commonly found at car boot sales on weekends!......:( sure Takumi knows that people don’t trust themselves with anything more cultured and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention bonsai being an investment that in some families are handed down from generations. If you take a few classes with us I doubt you will ever have a Bonsai die on you again!-(and if it does just bring it back to us and we happily replace it with a free succulent 😂!!!!
Bonsai is a belief of symbolism for the representation that pays homage and respect to the deep love and strong connection between heaven, nature and Mother Earth. Learn the “real history” with us

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